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.Dolla Koin
September 2, 2014

Dolla Koin (left) and Bounty Killer - Contributed Since Bounty Killer formed the Alliance, the group has had a strong base, however, there will now be a new element to the group, the Alliance Portmore Regime. The group is endorsed by Bounty Killer and led by Portmore-based upcoming artiste Dolla Koin. According to Dolla Koin, the group was unofficial in its initial stages but over time it has found its place. "I was saying Alliance from day one because I always respect Bounty Killer, but I wasn't officially into the real link until Fambo told Bounty Killer about me and the friendship developed," he said. The deejay said that 'the link was sealed' recently when he hosted an event called 'The launching of Dolla Koin,' on which Bounty was featured as the guest artiste. "He liked the vibe that he saw and he knew that I have always been representing Alliance long time suh from dat di ting tek off," he said. The artiste says that he has been getting good response from the fans in Portmore, and he has been getting membership requests from Alliance hopefuls. "People have been approaching me to do auditions to join the camp. DJs and dancers, it's a good look for Portmore so they want to be associated with it," he said. share the vibe Dolla Koin said that the regime has even converted former Gaza fans. "We even convert some Gaza followers who love the energy and want to share the vibe," he said. The regime leader was also quick to distance himself from any form of negativity that may come with leading the camp. "If somebody is disrespectful we separate wi self from them. No beating thing, no member of the Alliance nuh beat nuh body ... We are disciplined we have our part to play in the regime," he said. Dolla Koin also had high praises for Bounty Killer who he described as being encouraging. "It is good experience working with Killer, people mek it look like Killer unapproachable but that is very far from the truth, he is very encouraging and helpful," he said. The artiste said Bounty has introduced the Alliance Portmore Regime at some of his stage shows, and that they have been getting rotation on the radio stations. When The STAR contacted Cros' Cris, the spokesperson and manager for 'Alliance The Next Generations', which also falls under the Alliance umbrella, he said Bounty has always had a good relationship with Portmore. "Alliance Portmore Regime was not formed to rival any organisation and it's not formed to take over Portmore, but if we do that's a plus. Bounty Killer has always supported artistes from Portmore like Vybz Kartel, Spice and many others," he said. According to Cross Cris, Bounty only has one main objective which is to make artistes better. "Bounty Killer's objective has been and still is to bring artistes to a better place than they are at and give them opportunity," he said. Other artistes in the Alliance Portmore Regime are Jinyus, Tammy Army,Producer Tella Flex among others.

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