Contrary to popular belief, heros are not only dead people.

November 22, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, heros are not only dead people. Let's not only remember the deeds of those from centuries past but also notice and honor the few from more modern times who live or lived with the rare courage to chose the path less traveled and by so doing uplifted the lives of others. Though the list of those who're #extraordinary in there #contribution to our #society is long , here are seven people worthy of the #title .

Though he's passed on in 1981, he's the gift that keeps on giving to his country and it's people. One love , one heart , let's get together and demand that he replaces one of those politicians on our money.

A man who's charismatic rhetoric and raspy voice moved a music (Dancehall) that is considered by the upper class elite of Jamaica "dirty ghetto music" to unprecedented international acclaim and single handedly created #worldwidedemand for this "dirty ghetto music " which feeds millions of upper and lower class people today.
#bountykilla @grunggaadzilla
Inspired by #shabbaranks upped the ante by taking a militant stance for social justice on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised and was often, as it is expected discredited by the mass media and labeled as #trouble maker simply because he was not a trouble taker. While their are may adjectives that describe this often insufferably complicated man, SELFISH is not one of them as he would not only cement his place in #history but also the place of many others like @vybzkartel @mavadogully @popcaanmusic and a long list that's too numerous to mention.
This sprinter and #livinglegend is perhaps the most outstanding athlete in the #history of not only our country but the history of the world. He's an inspiration not only to people worldwide but also to many jamaicans in a time where many need guidance, direction and reassurance that as the #great #jimmycliff once said "you can get it if you really want.
This lady was a champion of the people who's theatrical works of art and her propensity for the preservation of authentic african/ jamaican culture is remarkable. To this day she reminds us what it means to truly be #jam
Orville Shaggy Burrel. A #humanitarian extrordinere who launched and runs a successful charity in support of our nation's ailing children by providing vital infrastructural needs at the Bustamantee Children's Hospital .

#geraldlevy aka #bogle
It seem like the name bogle is destined to be associated with heroism as their is one of them who lived within recent times who also dared to do the #unpopular and became #popular for it . In a place where almost everyone tried to be an artiste , drug dealer, or athlete he chose dancing. With his unrivaled charisma and raw energy he created and spread the dancing fever that #dancehall cannot do without to this day. He passed the baton to a new generation who can now feed their families through his vision.

Written by #curlyloxxthevoiceboxx

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