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Tellaflexx is the adopted name of the young and dynamic music promoter and producer, Raymond Chambers.
He was born on the Caribbean island, Jamaica on the 9th of June 1975 in the city of Kingston, the island’s capital. But moved to the Adjoining city, Portmore few years later, fortunately for the young Tellaflexx one of his close neighbors was Don Carlos of Black Uhuru Fame. It was Don Carlos who noticed and nourished Tellaflexx love for music.
While living in Portmore Tellaflexx attended Vauxhall High School where he developed a second love, electronics. This love for electronics led to a career as a computer technician. So it is not mere coincidence that Tellaflexx is now a producer, because the fusion of computer and music always give birth to rhythms (riddims).
Tellaflexx founded and registered his own (Lock Road) L & R stardust label in 2012. His first project, Ghana Step Riddim was released by Johnny Wonder’s Hapilos Digital Distribution on April 23, 2013. This rhythm features artists such as Dolla Koin (The gal dem man) and Shamrock (Bad Mind), Fendi (Tek a gal man) and Derrick Parker (Tuffa than rock). The next project to be released will be the Double Circle Riddim) on which Dolla Koin (Gal Clown) and Captain Barkey (Dun A Rapist) will be featured.
Tellaflexx’s sojourn into the entertainment business started many years ago when he was a member of a dance group. But the promoting and the producing have their genesis in 2004 when he linked and worked with Derrick Parker of Sinai Productions. Since then he has developed his knowledge and skills further through his association with the Alliance Portmore Regime (A.P.R.) where he currently serves as Promoter and Producer.
Tellaflexx has been featured in several of Sinai Productions’ videos such as ‘Dem Nuh Loyal’, Bad Mind Neighbors’, and ‘Nuh Buss it nuh more’. He can be linked by way of Skype (Tellaflex), Twitter (Tellaflexx) Facebook (Raymond Chambers), BB Pin ( 2924E548), linked In (Raymond Chambers), and by phone (1-876-437-3253). His email is stardustlable@gmail.com and his website is WWW.stardustlabel.com

L & R Stardust is Tellaflexx’s mission to create “ the world’s most flexible record label “.He believes it can be achieved if he sticks to its motto “ perservering for excellence “.

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